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The $125 billion question: how will the ACA affect cancer survivors?

Sabik Barnes Bradley for ACA blog post

In 2010, the total cost of cancer care in the United States reached $125 billion. Cancer patients are also living longer today, which is further increasing the cost of their continued care. As the health insurance exchanges have opened and heated debate about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues, many questions remain, including the $125 billion question: “How will the ACA affect the most expensive disease: cancer?”

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Integrative health team member highlight: Sue Stella

In many ways, Sue Stella, D.P.T., helps give patients and survivors back certain aspects of their lives that cancer took. In this month's team member highlight, Sue describes her role as a physical therapist and how she loves helping patients set and meet goals that get them as close as possible to their lives before cancer. 

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Integrative health recipe corner: split pea soup & whole-grain quick bread

This month’s recipes continue in the same vein as last month’s: they both “fit the bill” when it comes to adding fiber-rich foods to your diet. The split pea soup recipe also incorporates some vegetables into the dish, and a slice of the seeded whole grain quick bread can meet one of your daily servings for whole grains recommended by American Institute for Cancer Research.

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Integrative health myths & facts: sugar & cancer

There has been a lot of buzz about sugar making cancer cells grow faster and causing the cancer to spread faster, but what does the research suggest? 

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International study led by Massey researcher finds promise in new class of anti-cancer drugs

Nicholas Farrell

A new class of platinum-based drugs has shown significant anti-metastatic effects in fighting cancer, according to a recently published study led by a Virginia Commonwealth University chemistry professor and Massey researcher.

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The aroma of good health

Aroma, the word alone brings powerful memories—some good, some not so good. Most people, however, have no idea how much aroma and our sense of smell can influence well-being. Enter aromatherapy.  

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