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VCU Massey Cancer Center

Lee studies the role of enzymes in immune response to cancer cells developed from conception

VCU Massey Cancer Center researcher Eun Lee, Ph.D., joined Massey as a member of the Cancer Molecular Genetics research program in 2015. She previously joined the faculty at the VCU School of Medicine in 2014 as an assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

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Massey researcher awarded $25.2 million to lead a national clinical trial for veterans with lung cancer

VCU Massey Cancer Center physician-researcher Drew Moghanaki, M.D., M.P.H., was awarded $25.2 million from the Veterans Health Administration to lead a national study on an alternative treatment for lung cancer, the deadliest form of cancer.

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Spirituality and Cancer

Results from a survey recently conducted at VCU Massey Cancer Center indicated that spirituality was the number one integrative health topic in which patients are interested. Exactly what is meant by spirituality? Different things for different people, it turns out. Even though spirituality and religion are sometimes used interchangeably, they can have very different meanings for different people. 

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Integrative health team member highlight: Jim Bonomo

Jim Bonomo has been providing chaplaincy services to patients, families and staff at VCU Massey Cancer Center and Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) for more than 17 years. Though he has transitioned to part-time, his brightly colored socks and ties and comforting presence are still a fixture in Massey’s Dalton Oncology Clinic and the Pastoral Care Department at VCU Health. 

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Integrative health recipe corner: cherry berry smoothie & avocado strawberry caprese

The American Institute for Cancer Research’s (AICR) and American Cancer Society’s (ACS) recommendations for cancer prevention and survivorship include a diet full of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits provided fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other plant compounds that have been found to have reduce cancer risk. Not only are vegetables and fruits helpful for cancer prevention, they are also important components for the prevention of other chronic diseases.

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