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$2.1 million Grandis family gift to fund endowed chair and research at Massey

The Harry and Harriet Grandis Family Foundation announced a $2.1 million gift this month that will endow a full-tuition scholarship in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and an endowed chair to support lung cancer research. Their decision to support cancer research also was inspired by their late sister, Linda Grandis Blatt. An endowed chair and research fund at VCU Massey Cancer Center will bear Blatt’s name. The family’s gift brings Massey’s total funds raised through the Research for Life Campaign to more than $85 million.

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Making the decision to quit smoking

Cigarette for blog post

According to the surgeon general, 10 years after a smoker quits, his/her risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of a person who is still smoking. For anyone who has tried quitting, 10 years can seem like a lifetime away, but it is important to remember that after even just minutes of quitting your body begins to restore itself and puts you on the path to a healthier life.

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Enter the “Mos for Massey” Social Media Contest!

“Movemeber” is a campaign that encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November to help raise awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health issues. VCU Massey Cancer Center invites everyone to join the “Movember” movement and help us raise awareness for men’s cancers by taking part in our “Mos for Massey” contest.

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Drug combination therapy causes cancer cells to “eat themselves”

Paul Dent lab horizontal

Results from a recent preclinical study led by Paul Dent, Ph.D., have shown that a new drug combination therapy being developed at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center effectively killed colon, liver, lung, kidney, breast and brain cancer cells while having little effect on noncancerous cells. The results lay the foundation for researchers to plan a future phase 1 clinical trial to test the safety of the therapy in a small group of patients.

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Steven R. Grossman appointed deputy director of Massey

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Steven R. Grossman, M.D., Ph.D., has been appointed the deputy director of Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center. This new position was added to support the continuation of Massey’s upward trajectory and considerable growth over the last few years. As deputy director, Grossman will lead the planning and development of disease-specific scientific research groups; oversee clinical oncology interactions; and develop strategic initiatives in new multidisciplinary research areas.

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