Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Massey Cancer Center


Thanks to care at Massey, Mercedes is able to continue being the same mom to her children.

"My perspective on life has changed greatly since being diagnosed. I’ve learned that life is short and you must live every day to the fullest. I now realize that I can’t control everything and that patience is a virtue. My friends and family are my life, and surrounding myself with them has made this journey easier to navigate."

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Diane Harris Wright

Dianne Harris Wright’s experience at VCU Massey Cancer Center has been personal from the start, eight years ago. After receiving her diagnosis of Stage 3 ovarian cancer from her doctor in the community on the Friday of a holiday weekend, she and her husband, Ken, sprung into action making phone calls to anyone and everyone they know who could help answer their questions. 

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Junius Hayes

Following a regular screening, Hayes learned that he had early stage prostate cancer. He was presented with the opportunity to participate in a new clinical trial that utilizes a biodegradable balloon inserted next to the prostate that, when inflated, allows for more targeted radiation to the prostate and less damage to the surrounding areas.

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