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The CTED Application Suite

CTED Overview

CTED is an investigator-developed integrated set of software tools that consists of three components:

  1. CTED Tracking
  2. CTED Automated Matching Tool
  3. MD Alert system.

CTED Tracking System

The CTED Tracking system provides a repository for detailed data on patients evaluated for Clinical Trials.  It links and longitudinally integrates relevant clinical data over the patient's disease course.  These evaluation data are used to document:

  1. patient status related to each clinical trial
  2. reasons for ineligibiltyand refusal
  3. MD referrals and discussions
  4. the time and effort spent by research staff on evaluations.

Click here to view the user documentation and examples of the use of CTED Tracking.

CTED Automated Matching Tool

The CTED Automatching component efficiently combines data from multiple electronic sources stored in the data warehouse (the UDS) permitting comparison of detailed clinical trial requirements against patient characteristics on a scheduled basis.  This assures routine evaluations of each patient in near real time with automated repeat evaluations as their clinical status changes over the course of their disease.  A list of patients matching the designated eligibility criteria and "pre-screened" as eligible is then incorporated into CTED Tracking as a batch process to permit further evaluation and eligibility determination.  This batched list is accessible by research staff, Pls and clinicians.

Screening is performed automatically for each trial on a user-defined schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.).  It screens both discrete data and text documents to evaluate demographics, current clinical and medical history for the eligibility criteria specific to each study.  Patient-matched eligibility criteria are extracted from combinations of commonly available electronic data such as the surgical pathology report, clinical notes standardized billing data, scheduling information and clinical laboratory test results.  The categories of data that are available for deteroiming patient eligibility are:

  • demographics, insurance, diagnoses (cancer and other diagnoses related to comorbidity)
  • prior treatment for cancer (including specific and generic categories of treatment
  • current and prior measures of disease status (e.g. metastatic disease, recurrance, disease progression, tumor markers) and,
  • other selected cancer characteristics based on the NCI EVS meta-thesaurus or on user-defined search terms/text strings []. 

The following video shows a demonstration of the functionality of the CTED Automated Matching Tool.  If you are unable to view the video below, please view it here.



Click here (forthcoming) to view a demonstration for creating a query in CTED Automated Matching Tool.

MD Alert Notification System

The Automated Matching (AMT) is integrated with the MD Alert system. The MD Alert automatically matches the batch list from AMT with each physician's patient schedule.  It generates an email notification sent to the physician on the morning before the scheduled visit with a link to eligible patients and studies on their schedule for the next day. This permits the physician to view the relevant information at their convenience including at the point of care.  The system simultaneously send the same information to the research nurse associated with that trial.