VCU Massey Cancer Center


Massey researcher awarded $1.1M to study the role of fatty acids in the development of breast cancer

VCU Massey Cancer Center researcher Xianjun Fang, M.S., Ph.D., was awarded more than $1.1 million by the U.S. Department of Defense to study how an enzyme that plays a role in metabolizing fatty acids contributes to the development of breast cancer. He hopes this research will translate into the creation of novel therapies.

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VCU Massey Cancer Center finding could open doors to creating new combination therapies for an aggressive form of breast cancer

HER2-positive breast cancer

VCU Massey Cancer Center researchers have discovered why a molecule expressed with a protein known to drive 20 percent of breast cancers can lead to decreased effectiveness of a well-known targeted therapy.

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Scientists develop experimental drug that may improve treatments for brain and other metastatic cancers

Paul Fisher lab coat

A team led by scientists at VCU Massey Cancer Center and VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) may have developed a drug that can overcome some of the most challenging aspects of treating brain cancer—it’s ability to spread into surrounding tissue and develop resistance to radiation therapy.

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Recipe corner: go further with food

“Go Further with Food,” during National Nutrition Month this March. Fuel your body daily with a variety of lean proteins, low fat dairy, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Save time by preparing one recipe with several meals in mind, such as pasta or casseroles. 

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Recipe corner: treat your heart to chocolate

Valentine's Day falls in February, which also happens to be American Heart Month. What better way to celebrate love and hearts than with chocolate? Enjoy these two recipes that combine cocoa powder with fresh produce.

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