VCU Massey Cancer Center


Massey physicians receive Best Bedside Manner awards for fifth consecutive year

VCU Massey Cancer Center physicians were again recognized by Our Health Richmond magazine's annual Best Bedside Manner Awards for the compassionate care, empathy and attentiveness that they provide to their patients. In 2018, over 30,000 local individuals voted for medical providers in more than 80 medical specialties.

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First-of-its-kind research models immune responses in cellular immunotherapies

In the Cellular Immunotherapy and Transplantation Program at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center, scientists are pursuing a cross-collaborative effort that could potentially change the way cellular immunotherapies such as stem cell transplantation and CAR T-cell therapies are performed. This grassroots research is funded primarily through VCU Massey pilot grants, and it is culminating in a first-of-its-kind body of work that provides a detailed quantitative view of how the immune system responds to cellular therapies.

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Mohanraj studies molecular pathways involved in complications that arise from bone marrow transplantation

Lathika Mohanraj, Ph.D., identifies genetic biomarkers that could aid in the early detection of patients at risk for complications from bone marrow transplantation, hematologic cancers and other malignancies. 

Her mother, a breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed with the disease while Mohanraj was an undergrad student in India. Living through that experience solidified her passion to pursue a career in cancer research and treatment.

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Graduate student, who researches cancer biology, competes on ‘Jeopardy!’

Dhruv Srinivasachar Jeopardy

While watching “Jeopardy!” in December 2016, Virginia Commonwealth University medical student Dhruv Srinivasachar was inspired by a contestant named Cindy Stowell, who had stage 4 colon cancer when she completed a six-game winning streak. Stowell never got to see the episodes, which were taped in August and September. She died just a week before they aired.

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Recipe corner: pumpkin and cider treats

The weather is finally cooling down and leaves are starting to change. The fall season is in full swing! During these months, try adding cranberries and pumpkin to your diet. Both offer high antioxidant power, which may reduce your risk of many chronic diseases. Adding different spices is a great way to help boost the flavor of your recipes and provide extra nutrition. Some great fall spices to keep on hand are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and garlic. Nuts are also a great way to add some good nutrition and crunch to your recipes. 

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