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Strohman family

Two decades and an immeasurable impact: The Palliative Care Program at Massey celebrates its 20th anniversary

“There’s nothing more important in those times than managing the pain,” recounted Joe Strohman, who lost his wife, Dianne, to cancer on November 10, 2018. Two years earlier, Dianne was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of sarcoma in her leg, followed by the discovery of another rare form of cancer in her liver. In the two years following her diagnosis, she endured multiple surgeries, months of chemotherapy, 90 radiation treatments and the amputation of her leg nearly to her hip. Pain was an enduring reminder of the disease.

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Paul Fisher in lab

Anti-malarial drug shows promise for brain cancer treatment

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive form of cancer in the brain that is typically fatal. But new findings by VCU Massey Cancer Center and VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) researchers could help increase the effectiveness of the most common current treatments with the addition of lumefantrine, an FDA-approved drug used to treat malaria.

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Massey researchers among recipients of VCU grants to rapidly address COVID-19

Eleven VCU Massey Cancer Center research members will receive funding to quickly pivot or expand their work to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health system and the community.

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Shelly Arthur making masks

Community volunteers sew masks to protect Massey medical workers from COVID-19

In mid-March as confirmed COVID-19 cases began spreading across the Richmond area, VCU Massey Cancer Center physician-researcher Douglas Arthur, M.D., shared with his wife, Shelly, his concerns about the nationwide shortage of face masks for health care workers and the risk of coronavirus exposure that his medical teams were facing. He was particularly worried about radiation therapists, whose jobs necessitate direct and close contact with patients.

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Massey researcher recognized for substantial contributions to the field of biostatistical research methodology and oral health epidemiology

Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D., a research member at VCU Massey Cancer Center and the director of Massey’s Biostatistics Shared Resource core, has been selected by the Washington Statistical Society and RTI International as the 2020 Gertrude M. Cox awardee.

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