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2016 Archive

Erin Alesi

First-of-its-kind head and neck cancer immunotherapy clinical trial opens at Massey

VCU Massey Cancer Center is recruiting participants for an international phase 2 clinical trial testing the first immune checkpoint inhibitors for head and neck cancer. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are drugs that cause the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, and they have shown dramatic results in treating certain types of skin and lung cancers.  

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Massey joins nation’s cancer centers in urging the public for increased HPV vaccination for cancer prevention

In response to low national vaccination rates for the human papillomavirus (HPV), VCU Massey Cancer Center has joined 68 of the nation’s top cancer centers in issuing a statement urging for increased HPV vaccination for the prevention of cancer. These institutions collectively recognize insufficient vaccination as a public health threat and call upon the nations’ physicians, parents and young adults to take advantage of this rare opportunity to prevent many types of cancer.

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Q&A on HPV with Dr. Iain Morgan

In this Q&A, VCU Massey Cancer Center expert Iain Morgan, Ph.D., answers some frequently asked questions about the human papillomavirus (HPV), which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is the main cause of cervical cancer. HPV affects both men and women and is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

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Treated like family

A brief smile edged its away across Lois Martin’s face as she clasped tightly onto her doctor’s hand. Her son, Tommy Martin, stood beside her while offering a trusting gaze toward Evan Reiter, M.D., an otolaryngologist at VCU Massey Cancer Center who has been looking after Lois for the past 16 years.

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Massey physicians receive Best Bedside Manner awards for third consecutive year

For the third year in a row, VCU Massey Cancer Center physicians were recognized with Our Health Richmond magazine’s annual Best Bedside Manner awards for the kindness, empathy and attentiveness they give to patients. Between May and June of 2015, the public submitted the names of medical providers in the Richmond area whose practice philosophies exemplify expertise with compassionate care. 

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