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2017 Archive

Massey researcher studies the effect of lipids on the development of cancer and other diseases

Massey cancer researcher Binks Wattenberg, Ph.D., studies the role that biological molecules play in the development of cancer and other malignancies in hopes of developing tools to potentially control and inhibit growth at the cellular level for a variety of diseases. Wattenberg joined VCU Massey Cancer Center as a member of the Cancer Cell Signaling research program in 2016 and is an associate professor in biochemistry and molecular biology at the VCU School of Medicine.

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Massey oncologist identifies underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trial participation for gynecologic cancers

In the United States in 2017, it is estimated that more than 95,000 women will be diagnosed with one of the three most common gynecologic malignancies: cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. A recent study underlines the ongoing need to improve representation of racial and ethnic minorities and elderly patients in national clinical trials.

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Massey physician-researcher receives Career Development Award from the Lymphoma Research Foundation

Massey physician-researcher Victor Yazbeck, M.D., was given a Clinical Investigator Career Development Award from the Lymphoma Research Foundation in March 2017, one of only four such awards given out this year.

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Governor McAuliffe signs palliative care legislation at Massey

Yesterday in a ceremony at VCU Massey Cancer Center, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed Virginia’s Palliative Care Information and Resources Bill. 

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Recipe corner: vegetable and corn chowder and summer vegetable pesto bake

The two recipes this month feature many of the summer vegetables and herbs available in the southeastern portion of the U.S.  

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