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2017 Archive

Recipe corner: three bean chili & avocado, black bean and brown rice salad

Beans are an important source of protein in plant-based diets, keep the gastrointestinal tract health and can lower the risk for diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions. With all of these bean benefits, why wouldn't you want to give these recipes a try?

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Integrative health myths & facts: yoga

One of the most popular integrative health approaches is yoga, but that one word encompasses a variety of practices. For many of us, it can be confusing figuring out which style is best for our abilities, interests and healing needs.  So, below are some of the main types of yoga offered and a short explanation of what a class in that type of yoga might be like. 

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Recipe Corner: simple seedy slaw & vegetable enchilada casserole

March is National Nutrition Month, and the theme this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” One of the ways to “put your best fork forward” is to eat more vegetables. This month’s Recipe Corner features two vegetable dishes—one is primarily a raw vegetable dish and the other is cooked. These recipes are lightly adapted from the website, and both are chock full of colorful vegetables and fiber. Enjoy!

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Recipe corner: sweet blueberry quesadillas and strawberry and spinach salad

Take the time to enjoy the fresh, natural, just-picked sweetness of berries with these two recipes!

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Recipe corner: tri-pepper pasta salad and zucchini noodles with tomato sauce

Pasta recipes can provide quick and easy meals when you’re in a rush, or when you need larger portions to feed a crowd. Here are two pasta-style recipes to try for your next gathering. One is made with whole wheat pasta, and the other with zoodles-zucchini noodles.

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