VCU Massey Cancer Center

Group photograph of Massey's nurse navigators

From diagnosis to recovery, Massey’s nurse navigators are a guiding light for patients

Cancers are a complex of family of diseases that call for equally diverse treatments. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment programs may call upon multiple specialists and several types of therapies. All of the tests, appointments and medical jargon can easily overwhelm patients—that’s where nurse navigators come in.

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Stage 4 sarcomatoid kidney cancer patient first to show complete response to immunotherapy

Thomas Bland learned only learned he had an aggressive form of kidney cancer after he was rushed to the hospital for injuries sustained during a car accident. After standard therapy failed, his doctor turned to a form of immunotherapy known as a checkpoint inhibitor. Now, Mr. Bland is the first stage 4 sarcomatoid kidney cancer patient to be cured of the disease. 

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Picture of Patrick Nana-Sinkam, MD

Historical lessons and a bright future in the battle against lung cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and as such it allows us to pause and reflect on the great progress that has been made in the ongoing battle against the disease and the hope that exists for patients. Looking back 100 years, lung cancer was actually considered a rare disease...

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Dr. Nana-Sinkam meets with a patient

New lung cancer screening clinic is one-of-a-kind in Richmond region

Lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and women, claiming more lives annually than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. The American Cancer Society estimates that in Virginia there will more than 3,800 deaths due to lung cancer in 2017. To help reverse these trends and improve lung cancer survivorship through early detection, VCU Health and VCU Massey Cancer Center have opened a comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Clinic at the VCU Health Stony Point Campus.

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New patient-centered program at VCU Massey Cancer Center raises the bar for pancreatic cancer care

VCU Massey Cancer Center recently opened its Pancreas and Biliary Neoplasm Program for patients like Tuppince. The program is the first of its kind in the Richmond area, and it aims to reduce treatment delays and improve outcomes through a multi-disciplinary, patient-centered approach.

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