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VCU Massey Cancer Center


What an extraordinary time this is. The spread of COVID-19 has quickly led to a public health crisis associated with disruption of normal routines and schedules. The fluidity of the situation has left many feeling anxious and uncertain. During this time, please remember to take care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional self.

Although many of our Integrative Health programs are currently postponed, we encourage you to promote wellness within yourself and your community. Practice healthy eating, exercise, get outdoors. Take deep breaths, meditate and practice gratitude. Stay connected. Stay well. We hope to be back to our regular programing soon.

Dr. Masey Ross
Medical Director of Integrative Health
VCU Massey Cancer Center

Free Resources:


  • The RAMble - Monthly walking event featuring VCU Health practitioners. 
  • Yoga - Free exercise classes for cancer patients and survivors. 
  • Healthy Living Series - Monthly workshops on a variety of health topics including nutrition and lifesyle.
  • Farm stand - Local produce available for purchase at North Hospital during the growing season. 
  • Support groups 

Massey Resources:

  • Diet and Nutrition blog - VCU Health dietitian Allie Farly offers tips and information on healthy eating, as well as wholesome recipes.
  • Patient Resource Libraries - Our librariesLinen-Powell aNorth Hospital and Lois Trani at Stony Point 9000, provide free community resources and information for patients and caregivers during clinic hours.
  • The Healing Garden - Becky’s Garden, at Massey’s Goodwin Research Lab downtown, is a beautiful outdoor space and an escape from the busy clinical environment. 
  • Wig Salon - Our salon at North Hospital provides free, private consultations for head-wear and cosmetics, as well as free hats, scarves and wigs. For an appointment, please call (804) 828-8709.

COVID-19 Resources:

Additional Resources:

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Please call (804) 828-8478 for more information about workshops or other resources.

Massey's Integrative Health program combines cutting-edge medical care with evidence-based complementary therapies that address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our patients. Integrative approaches can help ease treatment side affects, relieve stress and support overall well-being.

Massey does not endorse all integrative and complementary practices. We only recommend those that are known to be safe and have the potential to improve health when used alongside, and never in place of, professional medical care. All cancer patients are advised to consult with their physician before starting any integrative practice, as some may interfere with medical care.