VCU Massey Cancer Center


Alexis Quance

With care from Massey Cancer Center, Alexis is able to experience life as a normal teenager.

"There is not a single aspect of who I am that has not been affected by my diagnosis. I was a happy 17-year-old girl who lost all my hair and, basically, my identity and had my life pulled right from under me. It forced a severe perspective change. It was difficult to say the least, but all I could focus on was getting better and doing what my medical team said to get me healthy…to live."

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David Headley

To David daily inconveniences become insignificant in comparison to strengthening the bond with his David.

"Massey gave me excellent health care. The nurses gave me the positive support that I needed and the team of doctors was awesome! With help from all of the Massey team, I am able to carry on and cherish every day."

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Mercedes Velasquez

Thanks to care at Massey, Mercedes is able to continue being the same mom to her children.

"At this point, I’m in remission, and although it has been a long road, I know that I’m in good hands at Massey. My perspective on life has changed greatly since being diagnosed. I’ve learned that life is short and you must live every day to the fullest. I now realize that I can’t control everything and that patience is a virtue. My friends and family are my life, and surrounding myself with them has made this journey easier to navigate."

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