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Patient education manual

Before undergoing a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant, it is important for you to understand what to expect from the treatment so that you can properly prepare for it and make informed decisions about your health care. Please review each section of the Patient Education Manual below to learn about the transplant process.

Caregiver Education

The Massey BMT team offers a class designed for caregivers of bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant patients who are in the pre-transplant phase or are currently admitted for transplant. Class participants will receive the information and resources needed to provide proper post-transplant care. This preparation is critical to the recovery process and will help reduce stress on the patient and caregiver.

Topics covered in the class will build upon the information caregivers receive throughout the transplant process such as dietary advice, important information for emergency situations, medication information, financial information, long-term follow-up (LTFU) information, how to care for the caregiver and more.

The class meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month. For more information, please call Lynn Hoffman, R.N., at (804) 628-4694.

We encourage all who are able to attend the classes in person as they offer the opportunity for caregivers to ask our team questions and to meet and learn from other caregivers. But for those who are unable to attend the class, below are videos of each part of the class. Please download the Patient Education Manual from above to follow along.

Additional resources

The National Bone Marrow Transplant Link has produced a number of webcasts/podcasts in collaboration with experts in the field to provide information about bone marrow transplant-related topics. Learn more at nbmtLINK