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At VCU Massey Cancer Center, we are committed to helping our patients live long, full and healthy lives.  As your partner in breast health, we offer the full continuum of care for breast cancer and breast disorders.

Whether you are faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer, need help evaluating and reducing your risk for breast cancer or are being screened for early detection of breast cancer, the decision of where to receive care is crucial. VCU Massey Cancer Center offers a level of expertise and experience only found at the top 4 percent of cancer centers across the country recognized as National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Centers. Massey is the only center in the Richmond region and one of only two in the state designated by the NCI. We are at the very heart of discovery—pioneers in new and more effective ways to detect, treat and, ultimately cure and prevent breast cancer.

So take a closer look at all that Massey has to offer. Discover the 5 Cs of our cancer care that make us the right choice for your breast health care.

The 5 Cs of Massey’s Breast Cancer Care

  • Cutting-edge Massey Cancer Center provides the most advanced technologies, treatments and clinical trials backed by the latest research and delivered by internationally recognized cancer experts who specialize in one thing—breast cancer.
  • Comprehensive Massey offers the full range of breast health services—from prevention, screening and diagnosis, through treatment, recovery and long-term survivorship.
  • Collaborative Breast cancer care generally requires various forms of therapy and multiple specialized doctors, and Massey’s specialists work together in multidisciplinary teams to offer combined expertise, one-stop consultations and coordinated, unified care.
  • Customized Recognizing that each patient is unique and that each type of breast cancer is different, Massey provides treatment strategies and a care plan tailored to you.
  • Compassionate Massey’s medical team provides compassionate, attentive and personalized care that focuses on the whole patient and not just the disease. We are committed to supporting you in every way we can – physically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise – for as long as you need us. We’re your breast health partner for the long haul.

VCU Massey Cancer Center’s award-winning breast care team can guide you through the lifestyle, diagnosis and treatment decisions that offer you the best chance for the best possible outcome.

Support services

At VCU Massey Cancer Center, we believe that treating the whole person, not just the disease, is the best way to care for patients and family members coping with cancer. We take a holistic approach to address not just your medical and physical needs, but also your psychological, emotional and social needs. We offer comprehensive cancer support services to care for you throughout your cancer journey that range from helping minimize symptoms and side effects to helping evaluate and cope with the emotional and psychological effects of cancer. Learn more about these services

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Patient Stories

"I was impressed with Massey’s team approach to developing and coordinating my treatment. The entire team of breast cancer experts was in one location working together — my surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, nurses and others. I didn’t have to travel to various specialists all over town and worry whether they were communicating with each other. The personalized experience made me feel like I had a second family at Massey." - Terrell Harrigan, breast cancer survivor

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