VCU Massey Cancer Center


General administration


Varied personnel across VCU Massey Cancer Center provide general administrative support for Director Dr. Gordon Ginder and our senior leaders and research members. For example, we manage human resources and faculty recruitment, schedule and keep records of leadership meetings and plan research seminars, scientific retreats and poster sessions.

General Administrative Offices

Goodwin Research Laboratory and Massey Cancer Center building– first floor

  • Michelle Lin, M.B.A.
    Associate director for administration, chief administrative officer
    (804) 628-2685
  • Lindsey Paisley
    Executive assistant to the director
    (804) 628-1897
  • Karen Reiter
    Senior project administrator
    (804) 628-1910
  • Georgia Straton
    Administrative coordinator
    804) 628-1594
  • Alfreida Taylor
    (804) 628-0450
  • Hope Walker
    Administrative coordinator
    (804) 628-1897