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Who we are

The Biological Macromolecule Shared Resource is co-directed by Shirley Taylor, Ph.D., who brings molecular biology, cell culture and protein expression experience, and Darrell Peterson, Ph.D., a protein biochemist with extensive experience in protein production and purification. The core employs a resource manager, Kimberly Stratton, M.S., and two full-time research specialists, each of whom takes primary responsibility for one of the three major areas, but with sufficient cross-training in all services offered to ensure continuity and maximal efficiency.

For general enquiries, we prefer that you contact us through our online inquiry system. If you must contact us on a more urgent basis, we may be reached using the contact information below.

Shirley Taylor, Ph.D.
Resource co-director 
(804) 828-5773







Darrell Peterson, Ph.D.
Resource co-director
(804) 828-5614








Biological Macromolecule staff (left-right) Pamela Melone and Kimberly Stratton, M.S.