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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Cancer Mouse Models Core


The Cancer Mouse Models Core (CMMC) aspires to make translational research an attainable goal for all Massey researchers. The CMMC provides expertise and services that facilitate preclinical mouse models to support the development of novel cancer therapeutics and precision medicine.

The CMMC works collaboratively with other Massey shared resources, providing assistance with mouse models by using a variety of drug delivery methods, surgical techniques, and animal procedures. The shared resource also offers support with several different types of mouse models: syngeneic models, genetically engineered mice, and xenograft models. The CMMC combines knowledge of preclinical drug testing and cancer mouse models to design and perform experiments that produce accurate data.  


  • Services

    The Cancer Mouse Models Shared Resource (CMMC) provides the following services for cancer researchers:

    Service Hourly rate*
    Animal project and grant consultation Free of charge/ collaboration

    Orthotopic tumor growth


    Monitoring tumor growth by caliper measurements (GEM** or xenografts)


    Tumor metastasis studies (GEM** or xenografts)
    [Spontaneous or experimental (intravenous, intraperitoneal, intracardiac) metastasis]

    Imaging tumor growth and spread using the IVIS  $65

    Administration of  therapeutic agents


    Animal survival surgery


    Euthanasia and collection of tumor tissue


    Data analysis


    Lentivirus (Lenti-tdTomato-Luc)

     Price varies

    Supply of NOD-SCID-IL2R-Gamma null (NSG) mice (in house bred)

    $38/mouse, female
    $20/mouse, male
    (6 wks old)

    Microtome usage by user. Make reservation here


    *Rate at per hour to be charged in 15-minute increments
    **The Transgenic/Knock-out Mouse facility can make and breed GEMs and our facility can perform tumor and cancer drug studies with these mice.

    To request a CMMC service, please complete and submit the online service request form.

    CMMC NSG Mouse Order Request

    Histology Service Submission Form

    Histology 2020 pricing

    CMMC Histology sample requirements

    View the slide requirements for the Vectra Polaris

    Download Phenochart software

    Hemavet Sample Requirements 2021

    Massey member subsidy benefit

    Massey subsidizes 25 percent of the cost of members’ core laboratory usage for the following Massey-supported, fee-for-service shared resources:

    • Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
    • VCU Lipidomics/Metabolomics Shared Resource
    • Structural Biology Shared Resource
    • Tissue and Data Acquisition and Analysis Core
    • Transgenic/Knock-out Mouse Facility Shared Resource
    • Microscopy Shared Resource

    To receive this member benefit, please initiate core lab services using a VCU index code associated with your name. When you are billed for core laboratory usage, the Rams FORCE system will automatically split the invoice between your index code and a Massey account established for this purpose. You will be charged 75 percent of the published rate and Massey will provide a 25 percent co-pay to cover the balance. Please direct any questions or concerns about the member subsidy benefit to Paul Fawcett, Ph.D. at or (804) 833-1959.

  • Equipment

    The CMMC has exclusive use of the following equipment:

    • An IVIS Spectrum Preclinical In Vivo Imaging System, a state-of-the-art system for non-invasively monitoring cancer growth and migration
    • A motorized ultra-precise small animal stereotaxic instrument
    • A dedicated room containing equipment for cancer cell culture and preparation
    • Anesthesia equipment
    • Several software packages that facilitate data management and analysis, including StudyLog
    • Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System
    • Leica BOND RX automated H&E staining system in the equipment tab
    • Storz Coloview Endoscope System for small animals
    • HemaVet Hematology System for circulating cell counting


    View the manual for the Storz Coloview Endoscope System

    View the manual for the HemaVet Hematology System

  • Contact

    Image of CMMC group

    The Cancer Mouse Models Core is operated by Jennifer Koblinski and Bin Hu. Please contact them to discuss how they can best facilitate your scientific goals, or complete the online service request form.

    Jennifer Koblinski, Ph.D.
    Core director
    Assistant professor, Department of Pathology
    (804) 827-0738

    Bin Hu, Ph.D.
    Lab and research manager of the Cancer Mouse Models Shared Resource
    (804) 628-5040 

    Pamela J. Gigliotti
    Histology technician

    Vita Kraskauskiene
    Lab technician


    MCC 1-112 (histology) and MCC 1-108 (mouse models)
    (804) 628-5040


All publications that include results, services or products generated by VCU Massey Cancer Center Shared Resources must include the following acknowledgement in the manuscript:

"Services and products in support of the research project were generated by the Virginia Commonwealth University Cancer Mouse Models Core Laboratory, supported, in part, with funding from NIH-NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016059."

PubMed Central (PMC) ID numbers are required for those publications that use CCSG-supported shared resources. All of Massey Cancer Center's shared resources are supported by the CCSG. 

Suggested grant language

The VCU Cancer Mouse Models Core Laboratory (CMMCL) facilitates in vivo translational research by providing assistance with mouse models of cancer and in vivo drug testing as well as pathology services. Directed by Jennifer Koblinski, PhD, the core employs the core additionally employs a full time lab manager and 2.25 FTE experienced in designing and performing experiments using syngeneic, xenograft [including patient-derived xenograft (PDX)], and genetically engineered mouse models of primary and metastatic cancer. CMMCL staff members provide experiment consultation and train researchers in specific animal procedures. Additionally, the CMMCL provides histology services including H&E staining, IHC, ISH and OPAL staining. We have an Akoya Biosciences, Vectra Polaris and Infrom software, which allows for automated quantitative pathology imaging. The facility is equipped with: a cell culture and preparation room that includes a BSL2 cell culture hood, Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 fluorescence dissection microscope, and BioRad TC20 automatic desktop cell counter; a KOPF 963SD Neurostar Motorized Ultra Precise Small Animal Stereotaxic Instrument for precise delivery of drug or tumor cells; an IVIS Spectrum preclinical in vivo imaging system; Coloview for endoscopy of small animals; Hemavet for Complete Blood Count, and data management and analysis tools that include StudyLog Desktop software, Living Image 4.5.1 software, ImageJ software, and access to the MCC shared research drive. The CMMCL is located on the first floor of the Massey Cancer Center Goodwin Research Laboratories in rooms MCC 1-112 (histology) and MCC 1-108 (mouse models). The facility is supported, in part, by funding from the NIH-NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA 016059.

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This Shared Resource is jointly supported by VCU Massey Cancer Center and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.