VCU Massey Cancer Center


Services and rates

Services provided

A variety of analyses are available, as described below. If you are a Massey member, the cost of these services is partially subsidized as a benefit of membership.

Flow cytometry

  • Operator assisted acquisition and analysis
  • Operator unassisted analysis and acquisition (for authorized users)
  • Off-line data analysis
  • Sorting of viable cells under sterile conditions.
  • Fluorescence activated cell sorting
  • Cells ranging in size from bacteria to muscle cells can be analyzed
  • Dual-angle light scatter analysis; capabilities extend to simultaneous analysis of eight or more different populations
  • DNA and cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis can be followed using a variety of dyes
  • BD Cytometric Bead Array
  • Receptor binding; in addition, receptor affinity can be determined by varying ligand concentration
  • Apoptosis can be followed using a variety of dyes
  • Viable mitochondrial staining.
  • Viability/cytotoxicity
  • Real-time analysis, up to 30 minutes
  • Calcium flux analysis
  • FlowJo software available for offline analysis.
  • FCSExpress available for remote and offline analysis

Training classes

The Resource manager conducts training sessions in flow cytometry in order to authorize facility users to perform their own analyses and to schedule instrument time using our online system. Understanding of the instruments will lead to good experimental design and consistent data. We are dedicated to assisting investigators to attain their desired level of expertise. We also consider ourselves to be in a constant state of training and learning. If we are unfamiliar with your application we'll do our best to learn everything we can about its set-up and optimization.

Rates and member subsidy

These rates are current as of July 2018, but are subject to change. Massey members pay 75 percent of these rates per the member subsidy program.

Data analysis

  • Assisted data analysis -per hour $60

Flow analysis on FACSCanto II and LSRFortessaX-20

  • Instrument time - trained user per hour $45
  • BSL2 instrument time - trained user per hour $60
  • Instrument time - facility per hour $75
  • BSL2 instrument time - facility per hour $90
  • Instrument time - late arrival or no show per hour $40

Flow and imaging analysis on ImageStream Mark II

  • Instrument time - trained user per hour $60
  • Instrument time - facility per hour $80

Flow sorting on FACSAria II or FACSAria Fusion

  • Instrument time - trained user per hour $60
  • Instrument time - facility per hour $90
  • Instrument time - late arrival or no show per hour $40
  • Setup for sorts - $20
  • Shutdown or cleanup - $20

Flow supplies

  • Reichert Carboxymethyl Dextran chip $84 (High binding)
  • Reichert Carboxyl Surface Planar SAM chip $75 (Low binding)
  • Reichert Ni(NTA) chip $125
  • Reichert Strepavidin chip $125
  • Blue cap 35um nylon filter tube $1.10

Surface plasmon resonance

  • Instrument time - trained user per day $70
  • Instrument time - facility per day $90

Training:  $35/hour

Consultation: inquire

Massey member subsidy benefit

As of January 1, 2012, VCU Massey subsidizes 25 percent of the cost of members’ core laboratory usage for the following Massey-supported, fee-for-service shared resources:

  • Biological Macromolecule Shared Resource Core
  • Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Core
  • VCU Lipidomics/Metabolomics Shared Resource Core
  • Structural Biology Shared Resource Core
  • Tissue and Data Acquisition and Analysis Core
  • Transgenic/Knock-out Mouse Facility
  • VCU Microscopy Facility

Note that this subsidy is available only for Massey members. To receive this member benefit, please initiate core lab services using a VCU index code associated with your name. When you are billed for core laboratory usage, the CORES system will automatically split the invoice between your index code and a Massey account established for this purpose. You will be charged 75 percent of the published rate and VCU Massey will provide a 25 percent co-pay to cover the balance.

Please direct any questions or concerns about the member subsidy benefit to Paul Fawcett, Ph.D. at or 804-833-1959.