VCU Massey Cancer Center


Facilities and equipment

The Transgenic/Knockout Mouse facility is located on the 8th floor of the Molecular Medicine Research Building (MMRB). It occupies a 1,000 sq ft suite that includes a 600 sq ft laboratory, 150 sq ft tissue culture room, and a 250 sq ft animal holding room dedicated for mice related to GEMM production. Two additional 450 sq ft holding rooms in MMRB are dedicated to housing mice in the breeding colony management program. A 150 sq ft holding room in Sanger Hall is dedicated to holding mouse lines undergoing rederivation by the TG/KO core. 

The laboratory is equipped:

  • Olympus IX-71 inverted injection scope with stage cooler (for microinjection),
  • Two Eppendorf TransferMan 4r micromanipulators
  • Eppendorf Femtojet 4i microinjector
  • Olympus DP-72 Digital Camera
  • Vibroplane air table
  • Nikon SMZ-800 dual-head teaching microscope (for mouse surgery)
  • Nikon SMZ-645 microscope (for embryo manipulation)
  • Three Forma Scientific CO2 incubators
  • Sutter P-87 pipette puller
  • DeFonbrune microforge
  • Bio-Cool III controlled rate freezer
  • Two VWR CryoPro LN2 holding tanks
  • Two Thermo 8033 LN2 holding tanks
  • Thermo LN2 dry shipping unit
  • Marathon refrigerated centrifuge
  • Nikon Eclipse TS100 inverted scope (for cell culture)
  • Coulter particle counter
  • Bio-Rad electroporator

The molecular biology work associated with mouse production is carried out in Dr Windle's lab on the 7th floor of MMRB, which is fully equipped for molecular biological studies.

The core also maintains an IVIS Spectrum II optical imager in the MMRB vivarium. Please contact Greg Campbell at or (804) 827-3974) for training and access to the imager.