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Donna Katzman McClish, Ph.D.

Research program member: Cancer Prevention and Control

Box 980032
830 E. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Professor, Biostatistics, School of Medicine
Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine


PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1979)

Research description

My research describes use and timing of specialist palliative care (SPC) in the Richmond community, identifies disparities in SPC usage and/or disparities in end-of-life care and whether SPC moderates those. I also examine hospice vs. palliative care and in-home palliative care in California Medicare populations. Additionally, I study the well-being in caregivers of adults with AML, the cross-over trial of reduced hydration with HDMTX in pediatric leukemia, extrahepatic malignancies in NAFLD, and peri-operative mirtazapine.

Research keywords

Palliative care, disparities, quality of life, extrahepatic malignancy following NAFLD, reduced hydration treatment for HDMTX

Published research

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