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Amir Toor, M.D.

Research program member: Developmental Therapeutics

Box 980663
1101 E. Marshall St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine


MD, King Edward Medical University, Pakistan (1900)

Research description

My work focuses on understanding the molecular basis of cellular immunotherapy of hematological malignancies. I have conducted several clinical trials in the last decade, including epigenetic induction of adaptive immune response, using azacitidine in patients with multiple myeloma, and developing reduced intensity conditioning regimens for patients with lymphoma. More recently, and in collaboration with my colleagues at VCU and Massey, we've looked at the use of ascorbic acid to reduce the impact of regimen related toxicities in allograft recipients. We have also used DNA sequencing to understand the molecular basis of allo-immune responses in stem cell transplantation, which lead to mathematical algorithms that elucidate the rules governing these interactions.

Research keywords

Clinical trials,Epigenetics,Genomics,Immunotherapy,Inflammation,Molecular medicine,Precision medicine

Published research

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