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Jason Reed, Ph.D.

Research program member: Cancer Molecular Genetics

Box 842000
701 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23284




Associate Professor, Physics, College of Humanities and Sciences


PhD, New York University (1998)

Research description

My research spans quantitative sub-cellular imaging, long duration live cell imaging and tissue/organismal-level imaging. I have a particular interest in studying the scope and biological consequence of natural phenotype variation at the single cell level, a task that has required developing and applying new technical methodologies. A major focal point of my work is the application of interferometric imaging to biological systems. I have also pioneered an approach to use high speed atomic force microscopy as a rapid, low cost method to quantify nucleic acid abundance in minute samples.

Research keywords

Cancer therapy selection, quantitative phase imaging, atomic force microscopy, molecular diagnostics

Published research

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