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Alison Breland, Ph.D.

Research program member: Cancer Prevention and Control

Box 980205
806 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Assistant Professor, Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences


PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University (2005)
MS, Virginia Commonwealth University (2002)

Research description

My research is primarily focused on nicotine/tobacco, including the evaluation of novel products, such as electronic cigarettes and tobacco use among vulnerable populations, like adolescents, individuals with behavioral health disorders, and pregnant women. Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D. and myself are co-PIs of the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products. I serve as project director for 'Using User Behavior Data Collected in the Clinical Lab to Test Hypotheses about Advanced-Generation ECIGs and Generate Population-Level Predictions Regarding Potential Regulatory Action' (NIH/FDA funding). I'm also a co-investigator on a NIDA grant to study the impact of electronic cigarettes on perinatal immune responsiveness and birth outcomes, and a co-PI of the Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects (with funding from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth) to build a statewide program of research on the causes and prevention of youth tobacco use.

Research keywords

Tobacco, nicotine, electronic cigarettes, behavioral pharmacology

Published research

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