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Swadesh Kumar Das, Ph.D., M. Agg., M.Sc.

Research program member: Cancer Molecular Genetics

Box 980033
1220 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Assistant Professor, Human and Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine


PhD, Kobe University, Japan (2006)
MS, Kobe University, Japan (2003)
MS, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (1995)

Research description

My major interests are in understanding the role of genomic changes in development of cancer, with specific focus on melanoma and developing approaches for better therapy. Studies are underway to identify new biomarkers in serum and plasma that can be used to stage cancer growth and metastasis and to monitor response to therapy. My long-term goals are to continue to develop my scientific expertise and continue developing into a productive independent investigator. I am highly experienced in cellular and molecular biology, and I am familiar with handling different animal models, imaging, and histological techniques.

Research keywords

Angiogenesis,Animal models,Apoptosis,Autophagy,Bioinformatics,Biomarkers,Cancer cell biology,Cancer diagnostics,Cell cycle regulation,Cell signaling,Cytoskeleton,Drug discovery,Imaging,Immunotherapy,Inflammation,Metastasis,Molecular medicine,Signal transduction,Targeted therapies,Translational science,Tumor microenvironment,Tumor suppressors

Published research

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