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Kyungeh An, Ph.D., R.N.

Research program member: Cancer Prevention and Control

Box 980567
1100 E. Leigh St.
Richmond, VA 23298-0567




Associate Professor, Adult Health and Nursing Systems, School of Nursing


PhD, Ohio State University (1999)
MS, Seoul National University (1988)
BSN, Seoul National University (1985)

Research description

My research includes: 1) Cardiometabolic risk reduction for cancer survivors, 2) Developing strategies for optimizing adherence to the physical activity and weight control.

Research keywords

Cancer survivors, cardiovascular risk, stroke risk, prognosis biomarkers, physical activity

Published research

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Awards and honors

Outstanding Research Award, 2005, 13th International Congress of Oriental Medicine
Graduate Student Alumni Research Award, 1999, Ohio State University
Mary V. Fenton Endowment, 2007, University of Texas, School of Nursing