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Guizhi (Julian) Zhu, Ph.D.

Research program member: Developmental Therapeutics

Box 980533
410 N. 12th St.
Richmond, VA 23098




Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy


PhD, University of Florida (2013)

Research description

Our research centers on experimental cancer theranostics using novel nanomedicines and nanoprobes. We apply pharmacoengineering principles to develop nanomedicines to promote the delivery of anticancer drugs, cancer therapeutic vaccines, as well as nucleic acid gene therapeutics. We also develop nanoprobes and aptamers for sensitive detection of cancer cells and monitoring therapy responses.

Research keywords

Cancer theranostics, combination immunotherapy, nanomedicine drug delivery, nucleic acid therapeutic, aptamers

Published research

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Awards and honors

Distinguished Scientist Award, 2017, Chinese Students and Scholars Association, NIH
Dr. Alan M. Gewirtz Memorial Scholarship, 2013, Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society