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Wook-Jin Chae, Ph.D.

Research program member: Cancer Cell Signaling

Box 980678
1101 E. Marshall St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine


PhD, Yonsei University, South Korea (2006)
MS, Yonsei University, South Korea (2001)

Research description

My current cancer-related research is focused on how the Wnt antagonist DKK1 modulates chronic inflammation in the tumor microenvironment. We are particularly interested in natural killer (NK) cells with their ability to kill stressed tumor cells. We use a variety of tools to address this question, such as multi-color flow cytometry and immunoassays using fluorescent probes. We also use all the basic molecular/cellular biological techniques to address our question. Along with our basic research, we pursue a novel translational approach for cancer immunotherapy in combination with chemo/radiotherapy and other immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI).

Research keywords

Animal models,Biomarkers,Cell signaling,Immunotherapy,Inflammation,Metabolism,Metastasis,Translational science,Tumor microenvironment

Published research

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