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Steven R. Grossman, M.D., Ph.D.

Deputy director, VCU Massey Cancer Center
Dianne Nunnally Hoppes Endowed Chair in Cancer Research

Research program member: Cancer Molecular Genetics, Developmental Therapeutics

Box 980070
1101 E. Marshall St.
Richmond, VA 23298




Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine


MD, University of Chicago (1900)
PhD, University of Chicago (1900)

Research description

Work in the Grossman Lab is focused in 3 areas: 1) Regulation of the p53 tumor suppressor by the ubiquitin/proteasome system. We have identified novel factors that modulate p53 stability, such as the coactivators p300/CBP, and the tumor suppressor DBC1 (Cell Reports 2019 26:3323) with the goal of restoring p53 stability and tumor suppressor activity in tumors that retain a wild type p53 allele. 2) We have characterized the oncogenic transcription factor C-terminal binding protein as a key dependency in both colon and pancreatic cancers and are developing small molecule therapeutics targeting the unique dehydrogenase domain of this powerful oncogene that is also involved in ovarian cancer progression. (Cancer Biol Ther 2017 18:379) 3) Utilizing knowledge of the degradation pathway of wild type p53, we have studied the aberrant stability and emergent oncogenic functions of missense mutated p53 that occurs in up to half of all human solid tumors and contributes to tumor progression poor prognosis in many cases. We have identified post-translational modifications of mutated p53 that can be modulated as a means of therapeutically targeting and destabilizing this oncogenic form of p53, especially in lung cancer (Mol Cancer Res 2016 14:423).

Research keywords

Animal models,Apoptosis,Cancer cell biology,Chemical biology,DNA damage,Drug discovery,Metastasis,Oncogenes,Translational science,Tumor microenvironment,Tumor suppressors

Published research

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